Does your webpage stand out in B2B searches? Do you want to increase relevant B2B traffic and leads to your site? Try Mouseback’s B2B SEO and watch your website traffic soar.

What is B2B SEO?

SEO is all about helping Google understand. By writing content built around relevant keywords and topics that attract high footfall for your site, you help Google mark your site as highly relevant and knowledgeable for those keywords. Place your business before users who have the power to make B2B decisions for their company by applying SEO strategies. While SEO tactics remain the same for both B2B & B2C

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Wonder how B2B differs from B2C?

There are some key points that set apart B2B SEO from B2C. While B2C appeals to a broader audience who are likely end-users, B2B should focus only on those with the power to purchase.


• Target low volume keywords
• Focus on decision makers
• Keywords may have high CPCs
• Content-marketing & Email-marketing
• Tailored content for Business owners, CEO, CFO etc


• Target high volume keywords
• Focus on product/service end-users
• Keywords will be cheaper, low CPCs
• Social Marketing will yield traffic
• Fun & flashy content works

Essentials for B2B SEO

Who is your target audience?

Know who your target is. Build buyer personas for your product or service by listing out decision makers at your target company.

What keywords should I focus on?

Zero in on keywords that buyers will search for. You will find SEO is most successful with long-tail intent-driven keywords

Why is Mouseback the right B2B Agency for you?

Quality content at the right moment is our mantra. Use the Who & the How to create content that reaches out to your ideal B2B audience.

  • Blogs, infographics, articles & content on your site should be developed around top-of-the-funnel topics.
  • Your product & service pages should be optimized for on-page content. Make sure your content is deep and 100% unique to rank higher on Google.