International SEO

Does your website perform well in all your target countries? No? You need International SEO. Read on to know what International SEO is and how Mouseback can help you increase your organic rankings on global search.

What is International SEO?

International SEO in one line is educating your search engine to recognize which country and languages that your business uses. Employing insights from cultural differences, local markets & languages is important. Every business is different and so is every market. Merely translating your keywords and content will not work. You need to analyse each target market separately, understand user search behaviour and review search volumes to shortlist your keywords.

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Sample SEO tips for International sites

  • Speak the language of your audience – Get top quality translation to ensure your content is perfect. 
  • Let your audience know, they are important to you – Research cultural insights and build your content around that. Pay attention to details such as formatting phone numbers and metrics. 
  •  Have dedicated pages for each region – a separate URL for each region/language to ensure your audience is served the right content.
  • Don’t leave it upto Google’s algorithm – Use hreflang tags. Just in case, Google doesn’t pick up on the most used language in the user’s region, your tags will ensure they are served the apt content.

Why Mouseback the is the right choice for you?

  • Expand and maintain your global visibility
  • Performance-driven team with SEO expertise
  • Strategies tailored to your products/service and your target audience.
  • Our SEO methods are tried and tested that have consistently delivered long term results.