Ecommerce SEO

Did you know 38% of retailer traffic comes from organic search? Use Ecommerce SEO to gain exposure for your online store on search engines and generate higher traffic & sales.

Higher Conversion Rates

By employing e-commerce SEO tactics, your website can enjoy quality traffic with higher conversion rates.

Reduce PPC Dependency

Investing in SEO bears fruits in the long run. Unlike paid ads, SEO optimizations consistently generate traffic to your website over time.

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Pick the right keywords

For an e-commerce business, helping leads find your products is crucial. And for this, identifying long-tail keywords that show buyer intent is the key. To know more, get in touch with us.

Map the right keywords

Another essential strategy when picking your keywords is looking for low priority keywords that are more likely to rank higher on searches. Here, you want to avoid highly competitive terms. Again, our team can help you with comprehensive keyword research and mapping.

Make your site User-friendly

Make sure your site structure is organized, user-friendly & search-engine friendly. This means your customer should need 3 or fewer clicks to reach the product they want. Talk to us for more such tips.

Longer product descriptions

... mean higher rankings. Help Google by making your product descriptions lengthy and keyword-rich. Also, make sure to use your keywords in your metadata. Get a complete overview of e-commerce SEO when you talk to our experts.